Raspberry Pi is booted using the memory card. First OS is written into the memory card and inserted into pi. This feature allows us to write an OS that we like to have. such as,

  •      Raspian
  •      Android
  •      Windows – IoT ,etc..

Step 1: First download the required OS in the offical website from here .

Step 2 : Format your SD-card before we write the OS into it.

Step3 : Download a app to write SD-card from  here.

Step 4 : Insert your memory card into a card reader and insert it into your Laptop.

Step 5 : Run the win32diskimager.exe. A window  opens like this.

Step 6 : Select where you have downloaded the OS image and also the drive that your SD-card is connected. If incorrect drive is selected it may destroy the whole drive.

Step 7 : After the write process we will find only the boot folder in our SD Card.

Step 8: Power your Raspberry Pi and connect it with your Laptop using Ethernet cable.

Step 9: Find the ip of Raspberrypi from your Laptop using command prompt by typing ipconfig.

Step 10: For example let us consider the ip to be It may start 169 also.


Step 11: Remove the SD card from pi and open it in your Windows Explorer. Open the cmdline.txt textfile and at last type ip= [Other than the IP found in command prompt] and save the file.

Step 12: By default SSH is disabled in pi. To enable it create a empty file name ssh without any extension.

Step 13: Again insert the SD card and power the pi.

Step 14 : Download putty from here. Then in SSH type the ip address wriiten in cmdline.txt and port as shown below and press open. It shows a security alert. Press yes.

Step 13 : Login as pi and password raspberry.

Step 14 : To enable SSH and VNC type sudo raspi-config and then follow the images below.

Step 15 : To connect Raspberry pi using VNC see my page here.



Gowtham S

Gowtham is a programming enthusiast. His field of interest includes Arduino, NodeMCU, Raspberry Pi, and Python. To know more about him visit https://mybtechprojects.tech/about-us/.


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