Solderless Lithium Ion Cells Charging using Solar Panels


Solderless Lithium Ion Cells Charging using Solar Panels, the things required to build Solderless Lithium Ion Cells Charging using Solar Panels without a charge controller project are

  1. 18650 Lithium Ion Cells (10 cells)
  2. A Solar Panel (Minimum 20 watts)
  3. An Old Power Bank Charging Circuit
  4. Wires and Aluminium Foil for connectivity
  5. Mobile Charger with Data Cable
  6. Crocodile Clips


lithium cell arrangement


Each 18650 cells contribute around 4.2v(Max) and 2800mah (I)

Power = V * I = 4.2v * 2800mah = 11.76 watts

Connect all the 18650 cells in parallel so that the current gets summed up to 28000mah with a voltage of 4.2v ( Voltage remains same when connected in parallel)

Refer the above circuit arrangement for circuit connection.

Now connect the overall positive and negative connection to the battery + and battery – in the power bank charging circuit

battery charging circuit


Take the solar panel and connect its terminals with the mobile chargers plug (with +ve and -ve terminal) using clips.

Then place the solar panel near sunlight and a wait a minute, you can see the led glow in the charging circuit. Now depending upon the wattage of panel, the lithium gets charged up , you can use them for various other projects. In my case, I have used thermacoal and aluminum foils to make it as a charging case so that it would be easier to take out the batteries after it gets charged.




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