Solar Powered Home and Farm House Security

Solar Powered Home and Farm House Security is suitable for areas where electric lines are not available, Solar panels can be installed and used for powering the CCTV’s
Things required for the project

  • Solar Panel
  • Battery
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • CCTV
  • DVR
  • Power Supply Adapter
  • WiFi Modem
  • Wires

Solar Panel -> Charge Controller -> Battery -> DVR -> CCTV

solar panel


solar charge controller




The project is mainly aimed for Outdoor purpose, so Bullet Cameras are used. An average of 4 watts is consumed for a 2mp Bullet CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Camera.

First Let us calculate the total watts required inorder to power the cameras as well as charging the battery.

In Four different angles we use 4 cameras = 4*4 watts = 16 watts per hour

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) = 70 watts per hour on an average

For a day, it needs 24 hr x 70 watts = 1680 watts a day

12 v 150 Ah battery produces 1800 watts for a full charge,
Two 105 Watts is installed for charging the 150 Ah battery,
Two 105 watts panel produces 150 watts per hour for normal lighting, so 12 hr * 150 watts = 1800 watts
First the battery must be connected with the controller, then the solar panel terminals are connected with the controller.
I bought an 8 channel DVR for connecting the cameras. Inverter is connected with the controller’s output supply. DVR Power Adapter is connected with the inverter, now the power gets turned on.
Before that install the hard disk with the DVR. Configure the WiFi modem with the DVR, then with the help of Cloud server provided by the company, you can view the cameras remotely.


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