Scrolling Text LED Matrix using Arduino & MAX7219

scrolling led


The things Required for this project are

Arduino UNO


Jumper wires


VCC of the module is connected to 5 volts and GND is connected to ground.

LED Matrix can be increased by connecting another 8X8 LED Matrix in series (Output pins of the previous board to the input pins of another board).

All other pins are connected to digital pins of the arduino board.


This scrolling LED Matrix can be seen places like shopping malls, advertising, bus stops and also in transports for providing dynamic informations.

By making the LED value to HIGH, the LED glows.

Make a logic for each letter to be displayed, then code the LED matrix using Arduino.

Another LED matrix can be connected in series with the previous matrix.

Even Emojis and Animations can be filmed, every frame and time intervals need to be coded for a perfect animation.

For a mobile app , an input box and a button is sufficient , data is converted to string and send.

This project can also be modified, sending the data through mobile app is an alternative.

Send the data to cloud and then read the data from cloud. Now many platforms have simplified the process of sending and receiving data via cloud.

The data is fetched by the arduino and it parses the data, with the logic we have already made, the data is displayed. Useful in stores to display their shop name, brand, product and even offers.

Requires WiFi Chip and a Network connection inorder to send the data to cloud. It is an interesting project that you could make and even sell for shopkeepers.




Refer my video for your reference



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