NodeMCU Configuration in Arduino

NodeMCU is an eLua based firmware for the ESP8266 WiFi SOC from Espressif. NodeMCU is very easy to interface when comparing to ESP8266. It uses the ESP-12 module and includes USB serial interface.


Features of NodeMCU :

  1. Open-source.
  2. Interactive.
  3. Programmable.
  4. Low cost.
  5. Simple.
  6. Smart.
  7. WI-FI enabled.

Follow the following instructions to program NodeMcu with the Arduino software

  • Open your Arduino software and go to File –> Preferences.
  • Then add this in the Additional Boards manager links.
  • Then Tools –>Boards –>Boards Manager and install esp8266 by esp8266 Community.
  • Then Select Nodemcu 1.0 from the Boards .

Projects using Nodemcu are given below

  1. Control led from webpage.
  2. Temperature data upload to Thingspeak.
  3. Control Nodemcu from Blynk App Online.
  4. DHT11 data in Android.



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  • After doing all the above process .we need to connect nodemcu to laptop?and then what would happen after connecting.

  • After selecting NodeMCU from boards and selecting the correct port from ports, we can select any program from examples or write code and upload the program using upload button.

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