Make an E-Bike at Home

bldc e-cycle


hub e-cycle


You could make an E-Bike at Home. The things required to make an E-Bike are

  • An old or a new cycle
  • A BLDC or a hub motor
  • Power controller
  • Wires
  • Accelerator and Brake


bldc motor


hub motor

Now a days many electric cycle conversion kits are available. You can buy a kit.

But the battery pack need to be brought separate. You can go for a Lead Acid One or a Lithium Ion Battery.

Lead Acid are relatively cheaper when compared with Lithium Ion batteries.

BLDC motor can be mounted with a chain spracket connected to the wheel and is powered through the controller.

If it is a hub motor then the wheel’s center part is replaced with a hub motor.

Cycle brake is replaced with an electronic brake which is connected with the controller. If you have knowledge in electronics, then you can customise a battery according to the range you require.


Lithium Ion Cells are arranged in an array inorder to make it into a battery pack. Each Lithium Ion Cells contribute 4.2volt with a current rating of 2800mah.

Even a 16×2 LCD can be attached and use as a display. It is interfaced with Arduino and Speed Sensor, inorder to measure the speed. Refer the previous blog for a simple battery capacity indicator which can be used to measure the battery percentage.

It can be used for local travel, additionally if required Solar Panels can be used for the battery to be charged. This makes the vehicle to zero cost and zero pollution to the environment.



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