A simple battery level indicator

A simple battery level indicator using arduino

lcd and arduino

You just need an Arduino and LCD for making the battery level indicator

16×2 LCD Display represents 16 Characters by 2 lines
This LCD can run in 4bit and 8bit mode.
Backlight is provided in the LCD.
For Characters contrast adjustion, potentiometer can be used.

I hope everyone knows about interfacing the LCD with Arduino, if not, visit

We read the analog value using the analogread pin in arduino and then convert that to digital value.

Arduino analog pin can read show a maximum value of 1024, this is because it uses a 10bit A-D converter to serve the purpose
So we use a formula to derive the digital value.

Digital Value = (Analog value * 5)/1024

If else condition and battery voltage level can be used to determine the percentage or level of the Battery.

Similarly you can connect the leds for indication purpose.

Even you can send the data to the cloud and then view the data though a smartphone or a pc from anywhere in the world.


For powering the Arduino, you can use a 20watts solar panel, by connecting with the controller and then use it for low voltage  devices.

Everywhere you go, try to adapt to non-conventional source of energy.

You can make it into a product as well as teach someone who is interested in electronics.

Instead of spending a lot of money in buying the gadgets, you could easily make eventhough you don’t have any special skills, understanding is the core for all these Arduino Projects.


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